Open School: Saturday January 13, and weekdays

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From inquiry to enrollment

Admission Process

Open School

Click here for details on Open Schools.

Enrollment Application

Apply using the Enrollment Application Form.

Admission Screening

A brief interview and behavioral observation will be held with the parents and the child. Enrollment results are based on a variety of factors.

Acceptance and Payments

Enrollment is secured with various payments.


Midterm enrollment may be possible. Inquire for more details.


Tuition and Other Expenses for 2024


Age Registration Fee Tuition Lunch (snacks included) Extended Childcare Fee
Baby Class 50,000 JPY 1day/week
6,000 JPY/month
- -
Nursery Class (1 year old)
Toddle Class (2 years old)
150,000 JPY 3 days/week
68,000 JPY/month
7,800 JPY [18:00-18:30] 44 JPY/minute
4 days/week
90,000 JPY/month
10,400 JPY
5 days/week
110,000 JPY/month
13,000 JPY
Kinder Class (3-5 years old) 135,000 JPY/month 13,000 JPY
  • Other required fees at the time of enrollment
    Facility fee, textbooks, supplies, uniforms
  • Separate event fees may apply.

Free Early Childhood Education and Care

Subsidy amount (for children aged 3 to 6): 37,000 JPY/month
Target of subsidy: Families with a certified need for childcare
*Subsidies are mainly for dual-income families and single-parent families, but others may be eligible. For details, please contact your local government.

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